Monday, 8 August 2022

akan proverbs

a while back i learned a bit of twi off the back of working with a colleague from ghana. there's a bunch more people from africa at work now and, for various reasons, i thought it'd be a laugh if i could surprise them by actually saying hello in a language from back home. and in doing so i find many things i don't know!

currently igbo is a stone i stub my toe on, shona is lovely, and zambia, i find, is a place to get linguistically lost in. but, until recently, no twi speakers. but off the back of that i found this gem (and from that the realm of the proverb battle, but that's a whole other thing!)

*i wasn't going to but i'll mention in passing that another part of the reason i started doing this was the staggering amounts of racism i'm seeing at work now, all of which seems to have been somehow normalised. and that upon a historical bed of racism. with regard to african linguistics try ordering some books and see how far you get. very saddening.

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