Sunday, 3 February 2008


Los Puentes Colgantes

¡Oh qué gran muchedumbre,
invisible y renovada,
la que viene a este jardína
descansar para siempre!

Cada paso en la Tierranos
lleva a un mundo nuevo.
Cada pie lo apoyarnos
sobre un puente colgante.

Comprendo que no existe
el camino derecho.
Sólo un gran laberinto
de encrucijadas múltiples.

Constantemente crean
nuestros pies al andar
inmensos abanicos
de senderos en germen.

¡Oh jardín de las blancas
teorías! ¡Oh jardín
de lo que no soy pero
pude y debí haber sido!

this is, as far as i know, how this poem should read (apologies for any spelling mistakes). there are translations about but i'm not fussed for them


antonia said...

hi thanks for the link to the poem which i cannot understand for i don't understand any french. but I do like Benjamin Biolay. Will you not write more about the swearing and all in your surrounding? I found that enjoyable.

swiss said...

no worries. have been meaning to stick up a translation for ages and this'll motivate me to do it.

tell you what, i'll trade swearing stories for your thoughts on stirner

Anonymous said...

i struggled through this with all my linguistic powers and i have not yet run it through any translation machibnes. i have a feeling of it and i'd like to paraphrase it, but not now.

i'm you saymangled

swiss said...

there's a translation here

mangled you say? from all that exercise i trust!