Wednesday, 6 February 2008

the black bicycle 2

as the bike bore down upon me i had just enough time to think once again of the black bicycle.

i'd been following tubeless g down a wee slope but had failed to notice him unweighting his front wheel as he went through the small ditch at the bottom. as a result i steamed into it, bottomed out the forks and catapulted off the bike. i hit my good knee (why always the good knee!?) on something but managed to land okay just in time to see the bike following me. this time, instead of gouging me with the pedals it attempted blunt force trauma to my head. to anyone foolish enough to cycle without a helmet or worse, let their kids, this should be a lesson. not a scratch to me, no loss of consciousness just a bit of rolling around going aaaah my knee, and then off again. of course i'll bin the helmet but that's money well spent.

as we discussed on our way back i think i was needing a good crash. the last race was a day of waiting for one that didn't happen, just multiple slips, slides and somehow holding it together. it was encouraging that tubeless g has exactly the same attitude. not to crash is to live in fear. when you finally do stack it most times you realise it's not that bad and you have to be really unfortunate, or doing something stupid, to really make a mess of yourself. as with life.


Andrew Shields said...

There's that moment when you think you can maintain control, and then the moment when you realize you have lost it.

swiss said...

that's the one!