Sunday, 17 February 2008

frans masereel

which starts as a conversation about potato prints then moves, more sensibly onto using polymer clay for printing and i suggest to t that it might be an idea to look at my box of frans masereel. not only has t never spotted it but it's a chance for me to have a trip down memory lane and rediscover him

i'm reading die idee and i'd forgotten, or never looked at it properly,just how powerful it was. i some ways it reminds me of neruda's mermaid and the drunks but much darker. as if we didn't ave enough to do now we're mulling over the idea of a print project. i feel i can use it in the garden as it's nearing the time of year for the lawn nonsense to start again. ceramics ahoy!

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Sorlil said...

hmm looking forward to hearing about your lawn nonsense!