Saturday, 23 February 2008

terry eagleton

outside of work i haven't felt the need to post a rant for a while but the recent spat between terry eagleton and martin amis is stirring the swiss blood to ire.

i have to declare bias. terry eagleton's books still sit on my shelves and i still read them! i may not share his political allegiances, i may not like what he says, i may just not agree but i like the way he thinks and, even if he doesn't think so, i think he's pretty funny so, should i ever be in manchester and have the opportunity, i'd consider money very well spent just to have a pint with him.

on the other hand amis. massive wanker (see how me and eagleton differ in terms of argumentative strategy right there). writes dull books for guardian readers (what? yes they are. london fields you say? give me a break! i'd rather read wendy cope). enoooooormous wanker. unduly concerned with his teeth. a first order cock.

that, and amis's ridiculous views on islam aside, it transpires in the wake of their disagreement manchester universiy have decided to retire eagleton this yea. him being sixty five and all that. because presumably his brain will turn into porridge. and they're skint. or so they claim.

but not so skint they can't afford to pay amis eighty grand (yes, count 'em, eighty!) for twenty eight hours work. can you read my lips amis? you have no shame. tosser

here's a link to eagleton in the lrb. sit back, relax, see him go! very funny

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Sorlil said...

'I have no idea why we should listen to novelists on these matters any more than we should listen to window cleaners' - I entirely agree!