Tuesday, 19 February 2008

marin sorescu


I look at everything
Once to be cheerful
And once to be sad.

Trees have a peal of laughter
In their crown of leaves
And a large tear
In the roots.
The sun is young
At the tip of its rays
But the rays
Are implanted in night.

The world is enclosed perfectly
Between these two covers
Where I've crammed everything
I've loved

trans by andrea deletant and brenda walker


Roxana Ghita said...

weird again :-) I've just finished writing a paper on Sorescu. and today listening to this
even if you don't like her, I find the lyrics meaningfull. in the end all three of you say the same thing :-) - it is a matter of perspective and of choice. but also of wisdom, to know how to look at the world.

swiss said...

it sometimes seems a strange stynchronicity this internet business but i guess we all gravitate towards common interests

and that's why i fnd it's so fascinating to see other people's perspectives, ask questions, share