Thursday, 26 July 2007

even more rasmussen

so now rasmussen is claiming his boss is mad. either this is true and theo de rooy really is some sort of secret looper or rasmussen could use the easy expedient of producing his passport to prove his whereabouts. or maybe he's 'lost' it.

dennis menchov climbed off today which is a great shame, despite some churlish comments on eurosport. who can blame him? he, along with michael boogerd, has buried himself for rasmussen at the cost of his own chances. indeed boogerd, menchov, along with popovych have been among the riders of the tour for me this year. no off/on performances, just grinding suffering each and every day. the press are always banging on about the spirit of the tour etc but routinely fail to recognise the contributions of the domestiques with all the attention, all the interviews routinely going to the leaders

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