Monday, 30 July 2007

back on the bike

so the tour is over and after yesterday's time trial it was a bit of anti climax, but that's it for another year nonetheless. as usual it punctures a three week sized hole in my year but this year with the enforced layoff from the bike, it has been no hardship.

anticipating its absence i had a hard go on the trainer before work tonight, high cadence, high gear. managed to get a little pain from my leg but nothing intolerable. plus i'm managing to walk now! the plan is for a couple of easy twenty fives over the weekend and then maybe a fifty just to test it, then maybe, just maybe back to race the following weekend. but still i need to be sensible, a gentle roule on the road bike isn't an endurance event on the mountain bike. even so the notion of plummeting through the trees again has me captivated. i can't wait!

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