Wednesday, 29 July 2009


bored by the hayfeverishness we go up to destination x where i'm sure i've seen wild strawberries. -1 for botany boy as they turn out to be raspberries but even so there's loads of them. even some white ones!

it's weird being in the forest and not on my bike but with the beautiful quiet i usually only notice when i've fallen off, and, unbelievably, aside from a couple of more generously proportioned lads down the bottom end, there's no-one there!

t hasn't been for a while so we pick the berries and wait until sure enough out comes the wildlife. very nice way to spend the evening.n and now we will eat the spoils!


Niamh B said...

Reading your blog some days is like a little shower for the head, always refreshing

Anonymous said...

just lovely!!! :-D

swiss said...

why thank you. and the raspberries were if anything even better than the ones i grow in my garden. next stop - brambles. mmmmmmm

Roxana said...

yes, lovely - i always love these self-referential posts of yours :-)
and i have just come back from a small trip in the mountains myself, and one kilo of blackberries is awaiting me in the frigde, so it is very appropriate that i read about your berry-adventures. but mine were hardly adventures, since i simply bought them (there are always village people selling things on the side of the road here, showing them to the cars passing by).

swiss said...

a kilo! i don;t like to think what that would cost here. and that would be about half as much as cherries! and certainly wouldn;t taste as nice.

t gorged herself on cherries again this year because we just can;t get them for anyhting like the cost or the taste