Tuesday, 7 July 2009

what to do

when you've got the flu? no bike, no trainer. head too sore to focus on writing or painting beyond prepping. so what's left. rubbish movies and the tour.

aisde from obvious bad choices, but bad no brainers are good when you're ill, i watch 50s classic Them! and am amazed at just how many future chase/alien/beast movies i can reference from it. too often people just look at the crap ants and miss the rest. and i love the look of that era of black and white. well worth the £3 i paid for it.

also £3 but an altogether different beast is jcvd, jean claude van damme in good film shocker. yes jean claude van damme. who plays himself as a burnt out, past it, skint old action movie star who's just lost his last part to steven seagal and then gets involved in a botched post office robbery. it's very odd but well worth a watch if only to see a belgian film. sound track is rubbish tho.

il y a longtemps que je t'aime. is this the best film i've seen this year? even allowing for a plot hole the size of a bus i'd say it's thereabouts. kirsten scott thomas is excellent from the opening shot where you realise that her's an actor who's sufficiently botox free she can actually frown. true she's plonked in that france where everyone is educated, everyone's a teacher/lecturer/doctor but even so the way they play out her character is a joy to watch.

the tour. the team time trial, my favourite to watch. caisse d'epargne in trouble already. menchov falls off. drama!


Sorlil said...

I've always thought kristen scott thomas was a really great actress. hope you feel better soon, hot toddy's work for me!

swiss said...

you should catch up with this then. i can't be doing a hot toddy tho - lost all my taste for alcohol.

Sorlil said...

"lost all my taste for alcohol" - the irony of it, I'm dying for a cold beer!

Roxana said...

but look at the bright side: you didn't get ill while you were on holiday, no? so now you can lie down in your dark room at home and even enjoy films :-) i won't watch jcvd ha :-) but "il y a longtemps que je t'aime" sounds tempting enough, and i like her, i will check it out.