Thursday, 23 July 2009

olav hauge

Across The Swamp

It is the roots from all the trees that have died
out here, that's how you can walk
safely over the soft places.
Roots like these keep their firmness, it's possible
they've lain here centuries.
And there is still some dark remains
of them under the moss.
They are still in the world and hold
you up so you can make it over.
And when you push out into the mountain lake, high
up, you feel how the memory
of that cold person
who drowned himself here once
helps hold up your frail boat.
He, really crazy, trusted his life
to water and eternity.

trans robert bly


apprentice said...

This reminds me of Harris and fossil trees appearing in the peat cuttings

swiss said...

harris reminds me of the moon! at least the bit on the other side of tarbert.
i'm mulling over the idea of going back soonish but t can;t get the holidays and it feels a bit unfair to go without her