Friday, 10 July 2009

the duckworth lewis method

so we're in the taxi back to the airport and the driver decides to regale us with some old school hungarian lounge standards - i say this but really they could've been adverts for toilet paper, whatever they sounded okay to me. especially in the light of the pair of us having been subjected to that cheap nasty by the numbers wallpaper euro house (for wont of a better word) that really, surely, it must be that it can't be a crime to set up whoever made it for a stabbing.

anyway, we're listening to this native warbler and i said, doesn't he sound like some sort of hungarian neil hannon? yes, said, t, indeed he does.

with bizarre synchronicity i'm reading the paper in the airport later, just before sinead o'connor of all people wanders by, and it turns out that hannon's got himself involved in the duckworth lewis method. a cricket concept album no less! and fine facial tonsury from both members.

reviews at and other places. throw away that bland electronica!


Niamh B said...

like that song alright - would almost interest a person in cricket

swiss said...

ireland have got a decent enough side, by scottish standards anyway!

Niamh B said...

Do you mean our West coast? Yes it certainly is beautiful, though the east has pockets of beauty too, little gems, so I'd have to correct you and say Ireland have more than one decent enough side.
And I'm fairly sure Scotland has some nice sides to it too... :-)

swiss said...

decent cricket side!

but yes, the west (yours) is gorgeous, and that's only the wee bit i've seen. i like the look of the south and maybe if it ever stops raining i'll get to see it!

Niamh B said...

Yes, I did hear something about us playing in the last world cup, and the kids on the green in Cork had bats instead of hurleys for a couple of weeks, it was very surreal. Like the way they haul out the tennis rackets for wimbledon - it always goes back to the hurleys though.
I'm rarely a sports fan though, and can't really imagine being into a game that can last all day, give me 70 or 90 mins, and tell me at the start which of them it is, so I can count em down.

swiss said...

i got into cricket when i was student, the best time for laziness. much better than studying to lie about all day smoking, drinking and idly listening to test match special.

left it alone for ages but work with too many indians who take it just far too seriously not to be up for it