Sunday, 12 July 2009

and after the flu

which finally seems to be dwindling - it may even be that i get back to work tomorrow tho we're most likely going to be having a discussion with occ health. maybe i'll be swabbed tho i think it'll be a bit late now. i'm certainly well enough to be getting a healthy dose of cabin fever so much so that i'm, shocker, looking forward to getting back to work, tho i'm guessing that'll last about an hour, maybe two.

it's been a while now and i have that feeling i usually get after a long break, like there's this other person who exists and only comes out when nobody's sick or dying. that said i suspect i'll be in for some healthy stress when i finally give this malarkey up. have been plagued by images of recent traumatic resuscitations. that can't be healthy!

on the upside now that my eyeballs don't hurt i can read again and i've discovered i've got a stack of poetry to write up. and painting - happened by some new brushes and getting into some new techniques. and that's before i get back on the bike...

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Sorlil said...

eek...a workaholic!