Monday, 17 March 2008

so that was stAnza

what a great way to spend a few days.

things i left out - tess gallagher speaking about raymond carver, t getting an introduction to h.d., t getting all out of shape after that first exposure to kenneth white and retreating to bed with atlantic edge because that's what had to be done! meeting so many people - were all the poets in scotland there! most of the male ones at any rate. it was a shame i didn't see robert crawford wandering about (or maybe i did and just didn't recognise him) as i'd liked to have thanked him for writing scotland's books. but mainly just hanging out with a lot of other people who are into the same thing you are. like being at a bike race but with pens!

on the way back we do that what was you most favourite thing. we both agree that, aside from running out of time, there were no negatives. so here's our impromptu in the van list of stAnza high points

favourite session - the translation masterclass
favourite reading - kenneth white
best poem heard - jim carruth's three little words
best joke - sandy hutchison
best voice/laugh - fitz kusz

and that was that. i've already made space in my diary for next year...

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