Thursday, 20 March 2008

i am officially broken

on the new bike, practicing my lines on the local down hill section sufficiently fast that a bit of racing wth mr dh seems likely. first mistake. racing a downhill bike on a cross country bike down a downhill course can only end one way. and it did. painfully.

second lesson. if you are going to do such things then armour is definitely going to take the sting out of that fall. i, of course, eschew, such encumbrances, because i am wild and free. and sore.

third lesson. if you are going to fall off it's much better to do it on a down slope. or even a flat surface. but not highsiding off a downhill and into an uphill. no, that would be like hitting a tree. all that momentum just dissipates into....well, you. and it hurts, yes it does.

fourth lesson. you may have put on some style, some fast air and looked the part but falling off sufficiently hard to be unable to move negates any previous coolness

fifth lesson. surprising as it may seem, allowing your partner to take photographs of your injuries while you lie on the couch airing your abraded skin so that they can enter them into the 'that's got to hurt' section of the local magazine, is part of the caring process. i must remember this for work.

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