Monday, 31 March 2008

meg bateman


B’ e d’aotromachd a rinn mo thàladh,
aotromachd do chainnte ‘s do ghàire,
aotromachd do lethchinn nam làmhan,
d’aotrmachd lurach ùr mhàlda:
agus ‘s e aotromachd do phòige
a tha a’ cur trasg air mo bheòil-sa,
is ‘s e aotromachd do ghlaic mum chuairt-sa
a leigas seachad leis an t-sruth mi


It was your lightness that drew me,
the lightness of your talk and your laughter,
the lightness of your cheek in my hands,
your sweet gentle modest lightness:
and it is the lightness of your kiss
that is starving my mouth,
and the lightness of your embrace
that will let me go adrift.


Sorlil said...

it sure is worth posting twice, I'm a little sad it's not in Soirbheas.

swiss said...

have i posted it before? i lose track. but you'reright, it is worth posting twice.

i don't know what it's in. i first read it on a postcard for national poetry day and it's been on my fridge ever since

Sorlil said...

seriously? you old romantic you! lol

swiss said...

ah, you don't know the half of it! lol