Wednesday, 12 March 2008


can't get this to look quite like it does. this photography malarkey seems more complicated than it first appears


Sorlil said...

I like the marble effect though I find the red a bit disturbing! hey if you see me on sat do say hi otherwise I'll know you by your translation on sun!

mark said...

excellent photo by the way

swiss said...

mark - thanks for that. i'm finding that the colours are blanching a bit. maybe something to do with white balance? who knows!

sorlil - think your schedule's a bit more crowded than ours. we're at the h.d and carver thing on saturday afternoon and staying in town until white's on, maybe go to the slam thing after that, tho we don't have tickets yet.

antonia said...

oy, this looks again somehow looks, well, real.

swiss said...

lolol. it's always so great to hear what other people see in something!

i started this thinking about some sort of representation of musical experience but i kind of went off track and t liked the results i was both reluctant and unsure where to go next. i think red as a route was always in my head

looking at it in the flesh i'm not sure what it is. it's more tranquil but the red is still pretty full on

i was going to put up a blue picture to contrast and shall as soon as i figure out how to capture the colour

antonia said...

what is it actually, a photo? or a painting? in big it looks cooler. maybe it is not important what it is. just if you think it conveyed your feeling or idea then it should be ok.
i like what you say with reluctance and uncertainty which way to go. but it is also always nice for it leads to more pottering about and pottering about most of the time brings the best results. lasy year i discovered phottography which i had completely neglected and it was as if i learn reading or something, a complete new world, and i am also all the time discovering new things, and, of course, get sidetracked and most of the time end up with different things than i actually planned to photograph.

Roxana Ghita said...

well because it amuses you to find out what people see in something I'll tell you that I see here a cloud of red cranes flying towards me through the sunset :-)
but really, as antonia said, it is not important, it is beautiful and the feeling I get from it is a longing for the sky. thank you for showing us your pictures again!

swiss said...

it's a photo of a painting. but i;m happy it muight be either!

i like the notion of red cranes. i'm still not sure what i see!