Tuesday, 11 March 2008

anne frater

i tried to see if there was a sound file of this kicking about but no luck. finally, it seems, the sun is shining and, even for me, gaelic seems an appropriate language to welcome it in. i'm assuming the translation is her own....


They showed me the sun today
they took it out of the cupboard
and they put it back
in the sky.

I didn't see it clearly at first
it didn't want to show its face
and it hid
behind a thick curtain
of clouds.

But the clouds grew tired of it
and they thinned out
until they eventually went
running away
before the wind caught them.

And then I saw it -
a yellow ball,round on a blue dish -
and a smile slowly spread
on my face
like the warmth on my back.

that last bit, in gaelic, looks like this (have missed out some diactrics).

Agus an uair sin chunnaic mi i -
bala buidhe,cruin air truinnsear gorm -
agus thainig fiamh a' ghaire gu slaodach
air m' aodann
mar am blaths air mo dhruim

of course you can't actually speak it from the orthography and, even if you care to hear what the language sounds like here, you have to bear mind that what's in the link is bbc gaelic, not frater's lewis gaelic, a distinction which, rather than the language and any attempt to speak it, is all too important on the islands

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