Thursday, 17 January 2008

race prep

racing is life. anything before or after is just waiting

as the first race day of 2008 approaches how am i spending my waiting time?

there is that awkward portfolio thing i need to finish for work. but my university email isn't working so i'm not going to engage with them as a mark of protest. i've always found that last minute is more than enough time for the university types. though i was flattered to be asked to consider teaching earlier this week even if the thought makes me want to carve out my own eyes. and who in their right head would put me in front of a group of students after all these years? it was bad enough first time round when they had minders in the room, partly because they too wanted entertainment, but mainly in case i went off on some florid flight of fancy. no, it'll be a gentle retirement for me, something along the lines of larkin's at grass

then there's the shopping. which in cycling terms, and certainly if you and your local bike shop owner are involved in the same races, means extended blethering in the shop. mt shop excelled himself today but abandoning the guy who'd come in to buy some bike or other to engage himself in selling and talking about tyres to me. not unwisely i thought as our chosen surface this weekend should be some sort of ice and mud quicksand liberally dosed with snow and rain with just a hint of gales on the horizon

and then there's the internet. no-one should miss a dose of the ascerbic blogging of bikesnobnyc, especially when he's so right. but we have to face facts, that not everyone likes the cyclists, and maybe, just maybe, some of us are to blame. why haven't the bbc released more monkey dust!!!! mummy,my legs are hot

but what am i actually doing? this fine afternoon? going to work. on my day off. something about being needed. oh god,how did it come to this?


antonia said...

ha! the university mail is not working, everywhere the same. I full well agree, last minute is enough for theuniversity types, i can totally relate. Last year i wanted to book some special room at another faculty, i had three people around my as i was trying to explain what i wanted, it is as if one is speaking to mentally handicapped, you always have to repeat yourself, you have to speak in really simple sentences and most important of all: don't laugh about the absurdity of the situation, especially of you want the room...

swiss said...

apparently ineed to reset my password, despite not changing it in the first place. can i do this over the phone. of course not! so i'm having to drive twenty miles to see the it guy so that he can do his two minute job. hilarious!