Tuesday, 22 January 2008

fernando pessoa


In my dark moments
When there's nobody inside me
And everything's a fog and walls
Of all life and possesses

If, for a moment, I raise my forehead
From where I'm bogged down in myself
And see he far horizon
Full of the setting or floating sun,

I come alive again, I exist, aware
And even if it's all illusion
The exterior where i forget myself,
There's nothing more i wish or ask for.
I surrender my heart to it.

trans Edwin Honig and Susan M Brown


antonia said...

the good old Pessoa. There is a nice - what the philosopher calls by the ugly word "lifeaffirming" - quality in this poem. I did enjoy the Nordbrand and then saw: oh! laura riding, isn't she great too?

swiss said...

she is good, but when i think of her i always want to read some mina loy, who i think is on here somewhere, but i think i'll need to put up some more