Thursday, 24 January 2008


it should be no secret i'm a fan of notebooks. everyone should carry one at all times. i had one once in which i recorded things i heard while wandering about edinburgh. i was going to publish as random edinburgh bus conversations. never did and worse, lost the book and most of the memories therein. but my favourite remains (turn away now if you don't like bad language. remember i live in scotland where swearing is like oxygen)....

walking past the local five a side pitches. a blustery cold day in the athens of the north.

man : pass!

man : PASS!


man : you! aye YOU! yer brains are in yer fucking heid!

so it was with great delight that i happened on overheard in new york while dodging studying today. as with the metro ticket guy it isn't just a walk down the street but a vista of opportunity!


Anonymous said...

i love five a side. at barclays the fellas played every thursday, and there would be a babe present to wield 'the magic sponge' a sponge dipped in water that would HEAL any injury incurred during the game. lol i was offered the position of administering the magic of the sponge, but i had to decline. was working 2 jobs in those days, see.

Sorlil said...

hahaha, I bet you get better overheard conversations in glasgow than edinburgh though! I was going to leave the lines as is but since you're changing them... where abouts are you ceilidhing this weekend?

swiss said...

we're in oban but have nothing planned as yet - there's bound to be some burns action going on so we'll see if we can search that out.