Friday, 1 July 2011

starry rhymes

finally, just in time to arrive before i'm off on yet another jaunt (probably sedentary but the bike's coming just in case!) the latest from read this drops through my letter box.

and, despite only the briefest of flick throughs, it looks great. the idea is that the poets would respond to, in some form or another, one of allen ginsberg's poems. and that was that. so what i've got is a grab bag of people, some of whom i know and some of whom i don't, each responding to their own particular task in their own particular way.

i have to admit i'm a sucker for this sort of thing. i love to see how different people solve their own individual problems yet in doing so create something that's both entirely different and yet united by a common theme. i don't want to get all misty eyed but the resultant diversity always has a certain something in me confirmed in its faith in human nature.

i can't give any specifics about the poems included save that the best line must surely be from kevin cadwallandr - ' i write this because claire askew told me to and i'm scared of her'

do yourself a favour and don't listen any more to me, just get yourself out and buy a copy here. i am certain you won't be disappointed

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