Thursday, 14 July 2011

lady ki no washika


It’s not because I’m now too old
More wizened than you guess…

If I say no, it’s only
Because I fear that yes
Would bring me nothing, in the end,
But a fiercer loneliness.

trans by graeme wilson


Titus said...

Delicious, and hats off to the translator.

Dominic Rivron said...

A fiercely lonely poem. As Titus suggests, the translator has pulled off that rare feat of making a translation sound like an original.

Totally off the point, blogging is not an activity, it's a mindset. He seems a likeable chap, but am I the only person who is finding Chris Boardman's aphorisms at the start of every segment of ITV4 coverage of the Tour truly irritating? I'll happily listen to what he feels and thinks about cycling, but repetition does his thoughts no favours.

What next? Preface each segment of football coverage with Cantona quotes?

swiss said...

cantona quotes would be much more entertaining, that said the itv4 podcasts with the trio of rendell, boardman and boulting are highly entertaining in a shambolic sort of way.

but should the itv coverage grate i recommend the switch ti eurosport. it's far better.