Wednesday, 6 July 2011

a bit more bike chat

and a wee something for dominic

after t's chat with graham obree my mind has swung to a trailer for road touring. it seems a bit more convenient in some ways. but how much can you carry. well not as much as this guy who's not only got two trailers but one of them is full of ham radio gear! (call sign KE1THR, dominic). chapeau, i say!

and so le tour. this year, most likely the first in at least the last ten years but more likely the last twenty, i kissed the start reasoning, correctly i think, that time away (potentially) on the bike is better than being in front of the tv. that said, some quality racing missed.

am i going to make a prediction? on paper at least contador would seem to be the man but even he will have to make a bit of an effort. given his efforts on the mur de bretagne i'm not convinced as yet. i am delighted that thor hushovd is in yellow but disappointed he won't be going for green, at least officially - i still think he'll be there or thereabouts in paris.

i'd like to see philipe gilbert or cadel evans getting it. gilbert because he was peerless in the classics and evans just because he's superhard and has absolutely put paid to all those naysayers of yesteryear with massive performances in the giro and also in the tirreno-adriatico this year.

the schlecks i think are too unimaginative to do much unless all the signs point their way. wiggins,m unless he's very lucky, will get dropped in the mountains and, i think, will be fortunate to get a top ten far less a podium. geraint thomas on the other hand i think will get the white jersey.

the polkadot? i rather fancy robert gesink for this tho i feel the competition has been somewhat devalued in recent years as it's possible to mop up the points on the minor climbs and win with just one of the majors. seeing as they've restructured for less bunch sprints this year (i  do favour the cav/htc conspitacy theory) the aso might want to do the same for the mountains classification.

that said i think  it's going to be a great tour. it's worth a look at the guide for the key stages and book your spot in front of eurosport for some proper drama!


Dominic Rivron said...

Thanks! KE1THR is not alone. Check out the Bicycle Mobile Hams of America - if you feel inclined to!

Who's going to win? Interesting to read your thoughts on this. I haven't a clue.

swiss said...

now that's what i call niche! lol