Monday, 20 September 2010

Wir machen Sauerkraut im der schottischen Stil

which hopefully describes what we're about in some sort of germanic style.

yes the autumn is upon us and while, finally, our tomatoes are finally ripening what it really means is we can go out and pick a whole bunch of brambles, brambles the like of which i have never seen. what an abundance! the bushes in places look like they're hung with grapes!

so this evening we made both bramble jelly and bramble jam. still to come is rose hip syrup and (a new one on me) hawthorn jelly. not only that we finally (after the predations of last years butterflies) harvested our 3 kilo red cabbage from the front garden and, amongst other things, are having our first go at making pickled cabbage. t looks so fetching with purple hands!

later in the week we'll be doing something with the beetroot and then i'll be harvesting the root crop so we can have a big autumn roast and various soups.

autumn. i love it!


Titus said...

Autumn. I'm visiting!

swiss said...

you should. cabbage is cool!

kate said...

i'm going to try a saffron rice and beetroot recipe i saw in the paper last weekend.