Monday, 27 September 2010

what we did

when we had the flu.

nothing says you care like sharing so far be it for me, having dragged myself to work earlier the week, not to allow t the same experience.

friday passed in a dream like torpor, me in recovery and t, less fortunately, on the ugly slide to two days of unpleasantness.

on saturday we could manage no more than our planned matthew vaughan triple bill. we did manage a bit of a conversation around jane goldman's script writing and what marked out layer cake as vaughan's first film but, it has to be said, a leaky face and persistent cough does not make for critical thought. that said, we got the fire stoked up for the first time this year and surprised ourselves with just how much a bit of flame will make you feel a bit better psychologically.

i'd hoped t would be better for sunday but sadly not. i managed out into the garden in the morning which was lovely, given that it's been the nicest weekend this autumn, beautiful for cycling, getting out in the boats or whatever else it was that we weren't able to do. as it was geo turned up, fresh from a week away with the eccentric boys (we were supposed to visit for the weekend but..) and, to his credit, dragged me straight out for a wander along the gask ridge which was just lovely even if we did feel a bit guilty leaving t leaking on the couch. i did phone but all i got was a tirade that she'd exhausted all her crap tv and had been reduced to watching deep space 9 ('a bunch of blokes running about with fannies on their heads'). we returned and soothed her with ice cream.

we listened to many things but mainly amalia rodrigues and tara fuki and all in all, aside form the obvious flu related issues, it was all very relaxing. not as much tho, as drifting down the river yesterday would've been but what can you do. our next weekend off together (aside form the stockhom baby trip) - that would be january!


paper roads said...

Ugh, I hope you're both feeling better.

swiss said...

on the way but not there yet. thanks!

kate said...

let's hope that the predicted swine flu due to hit scotland this winter is over before january ;)

glad you're both on the mend though

swiss said...

somewhat irritatingly if it was swine flu time again then me and the maybe dozen others who had the flu would've all been kept off for a couple of weeks. as it was, seeing as management is having one of those absence initiatives where they like to threaten to sack you, all of us turned up and gaily infected one another.

the funny world of the nhs. soon it will be yours!