Thursday, 10 December 2009

tree poems

yes i know it's not monday or even friday but seeing as i've been doing a bit of work with wood today i picked up the following at sunny dunny's blog and i'm quite taken with it so i'll reproduce it here

Write down three things you know about one kind of tree
Who else lives in your tree, or depends on it?
Imagine your tree as a character or spirit. What would it say?
What does your tree do in each of the seasons?
What does the future hold for your tree?
Put everything together into a poem or a story for telling. It should be in four verses or paragraphs, with each verse or paragraph having four or five lines.
What kind of illustration would accompany your writing? Can you do it yourself, or would you like to work with someone else in the group?

anyone who can manage any form of tree hugging (and yes i mean actual hugging) in whatever vein they choose will deserve the special swiss badge of respect....


Anonymous said...

I hugged some coastal redwoods at Big Sur. I couldn't not do it - they're wonderful.

Sorlil said...

I've also hugged a redwood, there's a spectacular avenue of them near where I live, as colin knows!

swiss said...

my tree poems are done and, you've guessed it, there's a sequoia in there. hugging may or may not be involved! will post in due course...

Dominic Rivron said...

I haven't hugged many trees, but I've chopped a lot down with a chainsaw. Does that count?

Titus said...

Thanks swiss, I had a crack at this today as stress-relief.

swiss said...

dominic i'd refer you to tim turnbull's chainsaw poem on this very blog!

titus, busy, busy day so no tree posting as yet. glad you were also inspired

Dominic Rivron said...

The Turnbull poem is absolutely spot on! It left me with the smell of fresh sawdust in my nostrils.

I never had much time for those namby pamby things on electric leads either. Two stroke rules!

swiss said...

to my shame i have no chainsaw ticket....

Dominic Rivron said...

I seem to remember it took about a week. 99% of our time was spent in the woods. Health and Safety, clothing, sharpening, dismantling (not the engine), chopping down trees, and making trees leaning one way fall the other. There's an unconventional activity holiday there to be had.

Roxana said...

beside telling that i have too hugged many trees in my life :-) i can only offer this poem that i love:
(and you will be delighted with the word sasanqua, swiss, but sequoia is equally good :-)

The pine tree sways in the smoke,
Which streams up and up
There's a wood in sound.

My legs lose themselves
Where the river mirrors daffodils
Like faces in a dream

A cold wind and the white memory
Of a sasanqua
Warm rain comes and goes.

I'll wait calmly on the bank
Till the water clears
And the willows start to bud.

Time is singed on the debris
Of air raids
Somehow here and now, I am another.

Shinkichi Takahashi

swiss said...

dominic, aside form the pbvious chainsaw ticket, i'd like a go on one of those machines that chops down and strips the tree. that looks quality fun!

swiss said...

roxana, that's such a lovely poem i need more time tho think about it!

and sasanqua. what a lovely word!

Roxana said...