Tuesday, 15 December 2009


There was a movie theater here once. It played silent films. It was like watching the world through dark glasses on a rainy evening.

One night the piano player mysteriously disappeared. We were left with the storming sea that made no sound and a beautiful woman on a long, empty beach whose tears rolled down silently as she watched me falling asleep in my mother's arms.

The eyes cannot be philosophically trusted, but in the meantime they can be entertained.

These are dreams that a child would know. Dreams in which objects are renamed and invested with imaginary lives. A pebble becomes a human being. Two sticks leaning against each other make a house. In that world one plays the game of being someone else.

The clarity of one's vision is a work of art.

all quotes from Dime Store Alchemy - The Art of Joseph Cornell by Charles Simic

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Roxana said...

how beautiful!

but i don't see the disagreement to my "glimpses", i had expected that :-)