Thursday, 10 December 2009

quiet day in the house

true, i have foregone the cycling but it seems like an age since i've had the house to myself.

so the wood fire's on and i've spent a happy afternoon co-reading anne sexton's biography, collected letters and complete poems. i haven't done this before and i'm really enjoying it. the poems as she wrote them, the events in the biography coincident with the letters she wrote at the time.

alongside this i've been looking at w d snodgrass, whose poem heart's needle i need to read more closely. you can listen to pt5 of it here


Sorlil said...

what a great idea. funnily enough I'm currently co-reading Ted Hughes' Letters with a biography of Hughes. plus I'm reading Plath's the bell jar - for the first time would you believe, it was nice knowing that there was still a bit of sylvia for me to read and now's the time to read it!

swiss said...

coincidentally i was just looking at ted hughes' letters just last night. didn;t get them tho.

i'll report back re sexton adn plath as i'm not at the bit where they're meeting yet. suffice to say that so far the sexton i'm finding is different to the one i've been presented with, or assumed i knew about.