Sunday, 30 August 2009

she is reading

twilight by stephanie meyer

so what is it you're reading? oh i can't tell you she says. is it twilight i ask?
her sixteen year old sister recommended it to her. it is true she says that not much happens, that a long time is spent with the main characters looking at each other, but as her sister assured her, once she started she found she can;t put it down. so what's the attraction i ask? oh, she says, it's edward cullen.


oh yes, she says, i tend to skim the bits he's not in


Dominic Rivron said...

Only ever done something like this with Holmes stories - reading the first couple of pages of each. "The Holmes and Watson at home" bits always seemed the best to me.

Niamh B said...

Edward and his crooked smile.... aaaah

swiss said...

i did have a bit of a flick thru and oh dear, i really didn't like it. but to paraphrase jean brodie for those who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they like. and it was nicely produced. black cover, red at the edges of the pages, just what you'd want a vampire book to look like i guess

Anonymous said...

ok so i had a day to do nothing nothing at all so i was scrambling for a book. nothing i had at hand really seemed light enough for lolling about baked out of my gourd, you know?

so! off to the free book selection and there's loads and loads of harlequin romances! i used to really read a lot of them and silhouette romances as a preteen. then i outgrew them when i discovered judith krantz, who i outgrew as well. 'anyway' i was like hey i could easily have two of these done in no time. and i don't have to read them. and i can always get rid of them. so i was looking through the titles when i saw some called 'nocturne'. they were SUPERNATURAL ROMANCES. i was sold! if anything good for research purposes. the first one was a dreadful werewolf/human thing. BORING. but the second one was vampire/human and it was VERY good. i wish i could remember the name, because it was VERY entertaining and quite cute, really. the harlequinn treatment of seks is very cute.

i guess is that this vampire book i read sounds loads better than twilight. which i now know to never ever check out.