Monday, 31 August 2009

magi gibson

Bat Song

So, our features offend
you, . Too shrunken-
skulled, too rat-eyed
ugly web-winged embryos.

Skinny in leather and slinky
fur, do you find our forms
too nazi for your
civilised sensibilities?

You blame the moon
for our presence.

But we have always been/are
always here -

armies of us sleeping
in your soulless churches
fornicating in the rafters
pissing on prayerbooks and pews.

Or lurking in dark dank
places your kind once too

We stream at dusk like smoke
into your streets, scribe
the thin black air with
strange graffiti.

You claim we make your
flesh crawl, appearing
out of darkness and silence.

Is it our fault, Sir,
that you are deaf
to the beauty of our songs.


Niamh B said...

Pretty cool. Went out in the woods at night time years ago with a bat detector and a load of other zoology students. We were a leetle bit too drunk to detect any of the bats around the place, but we did discover the meaning of life (to such an extent that I was told I deserved an extra "h" in my name) - unfortunately forgot it by morning time.
Lovely poem

swiss said...

we od a bit of bat detecting so like dthis for that very reason

Dominic Rivron said...

They don't offend me. I think bats are cute! One got in our house and took to hanging upside down on the walls. I finally caught it, took it to the back door and let it fly off.

Sometime later, I turned on an "uplighter" lamp we have. There was a curious -nay, vile- smell as it warmed up. The bat had peed in it.

Keep meaning to get a "bat detector" as we have lots round here.

swiss said...

the magenta 4 is a decent entry level bat detector and you can have lots of fun with it. i'm unsure what you have down your way but check out the bat conservation project website and i;m sure you can find out