Wednesday, 26 August 2009

the elvis blog

have had a couple of folk asking what's up with the elvis blog.

i think, to be honest, it's on a reasonably permanent hiatus.
reasons for this?
they are many but mainly it's started to feel like a bit of an effort.
(esp the parts where i'm trying to get decent images of paintings! i'm so irked with this currently i may have to go to some professional type and forego the bother. but that's a whole other story.)

anyway, that's that so thanks to all who viewed and commented over the last year or so.


Anonymous said...

you're welcome! any chance of getting an archived collection of them? puweeeeeze? lol

swiss said...

when they're in print dahling, when they're in print....

Sorlil said...

fair do's but never say never!
also looking forward to the print version!

Anonymous said...

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