Friday, 24 October 2008

octavio paz


More transparent
than this water dropping
through the vine's twined fingers
my thought stretches a bridge
from yourself to yourself
Look at you
more real than the body you inhabit
fixed at the centre of my mind

You were born to live on an island

With Eyes Closed

With eyes closed
you light up within
you are a blind stone

Night after night I carve you
with eyes closed
you are a frank stone

We have become enormous
just knowing each other
with eyeys closed


More than air
more than water
more than lips
lighter lighter

Your body is the trace of your body

With you

Turquoise blasts of wind
parrots in pairs flit by
the world in flames
A tree
seething with crows
balzes and does not burn
amidst the tall sunflowers
you are
a pause of light
The day
is a great clear word
a fluttering of vowels
Your breasts
ripen before my eyes
My thoughts
are lighter than the air
I am real
I see my life and death
The world is true
I see
I inhabit a transparency

trans eliot weinberger

all this talk of poems of love lately. here's some more poems from paz. if anyone wants the originals let me know and i'll post them up when i've more time

as i said elsewhere paz's collected poems appear to be no longer available tho you can get them second hand. this is surely a wrongness. demand more paz in your bookshops!


Roxana said...

they are truly wonderful, thank you swiss! you know, I haven't read his poetry so far, only essay, but now I see what I have missed.

Sorlil said...

really must look him up. I especially enjoyed the first one, lovely.