Monday, 13 October 2008

a novelty

i surprised t on the way to the race by taking us into the place where i'm taking part in my first group show, due almost entirely to persuasion by her, and also because she'd had her gardening incident, she couldn't make anything herself (which in its way makes my point about having plenty in reserve should the need arise!). it may not seem like much but people have been trying to get me to do this for ten years, at the very least, meeting with a resistance that makes my can't-be-botheredness about writing seem almost casual!

but anyway. i rather loved it and i think, seeing as i'm still lurgied up, i may even go back today for another, longer look. of course i'm not happy that i'm one of the few who chose to use a canvas but i am happy that almost everything, well in fact everything maybe, is non-representational. there's all sorts, textile work, craft based things, found objects. it's a real treasure trove and just goes to show the wealth of imagination we have here and beyond.

anyone passing birnam and has ten minutes or more, should go and have a look


Sorlil said...

that's great, does those of us nowhere near birnam get some pics of it all?

swiss said...

should be out there later on in the week so i'll take some then

Feltbug said...

Yes please! What is the name of the venue - I googled Birnam and that got me nowhere :)

swiss said...

it's the birnam institute, tho there's nothing on their website it seems.
this is what it's all about tho