Monday, 20 October 2008

the fife diet

up until very recently any mention of the fife diet would, for me, have included pies, chips, probably more pies, washed down with buckfats. now this is a terrible way to dismiss fife, which is a lovely part of the country but at the same time for every east neuk there's a kirkcaldy

but anyway, i was gratified to hear about the fife diet on R4 this week. i knew something similar had been happening in the borders but hadn't suspected anything like this so close to home. i think it's great and not too dissimilar to what me and t are doing anyway. doubtless it'll be discussed if t makes it to the organic gardeners squad we found about when i bought another kayak at the weekend.

i wouldn't have thought many years ago that in later life direct action would come to mean getting it together to source comfrey for composting. overgrow the government indeed!


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buckfats! lol yes, a strange and ancient food only found in deepest darkest fife. probably around methil!