Saturday, 7 December 2013

unicycle scotland

Voodoo Unicycles: Highland Tour from Beard Askew Productions on Vimeo.

post night shift sees me up at four, getting some work in while i'm choking for the sun to rise. why? just so i can get out and about. true, a balmy -6 at the moment but the sky is clearing and i'm never unaware of how lucky i am to get to do what i do where i am.

and not on a unicycle. but similar sentiments from this mob who are not so fortunate. they've got the mad skillz tho

but, just for arguments sake it does show you can take the boys out of the town but you can't take the town out of the boys. so i'm not super comfortable with all that 'the outside is a playground for townies' vibe. who's going to be fixing the wooden fence after they've been at it? sessioning a historic monument - moving rocks to make a gate for grinding? obviously i'm assuming they put it all back but all the same - not cool. and as for doing the rail on kyleakin - not too many emergency services up there and better things to be doing than fishing some idiots body out of the sound if it had gone pear shaped.

mostly tho i'm just being a bit curmudgeonly. looks a great trip,

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