Monday, 2 December 2013

mind the detail

me, i always like something i can look at and just be dazzled by the complexity and general trickiness of the work that's gone into it. so i was loving kirsty mitchell's pictures from the first instant. when my daughter was wee and i used to take her round the galleries we used to love making up stories form the exhibits. we'd have been enthralled by these!

and then we could've ramped it up to a whole new level with kris kuksi! i'd want to spend a day in his studio just to find out where he gets all his stuff from. it brings a whole new meaning to the word assemblage.

my daughter used to ask me - could you do that? the things i tended to like most i absolutely couldn't. but sometimes we'd try anyway. she tended to be a bit self conscious about the process but what i liked best was the look on her face as whatever it was that i was doing emerged out of the paper.

these are a bit like that. in the detail you can see the work and seeing the work, me and t at least, see that feeling you get when you're just lost in the making of something. lovely!

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