Wednesday, 4 December 2013

lee jeffries

i was having a think  about that last post but more towards narrative in the image and it got me to thinking about lee jeffries. i remember being very struck with his images the first time i saw them. these days maybe not so much - looking at them they seem maybe just a bit too constructed, a bit too stylised.

but that's the thinking bit of my head talking. back in the day i used to take my camera into work to try and capture something of the old people. it was a tricky business! and yet looking at those old pictures (when i can find them!) i think i could say much the same - way too self conscious!

but i find it difficult to tire of portraits and when i do it's an indicator it's me who's tired! it's a signal thing, to be able to slow down, to take the time to look, to see a person as they pass by...

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