Wednesday, 25 September 2013

world championships!

irritating and lingering unwellness keeps me off the bike and pretty much away from doing anything else so there's little to do but watch the men's tt from florence. if you're couch potatoing like me you can see it on bbc2. if not then the guardian are doing a live update thing. they're cheating a bit by slapping a bunch of gcn videos on it at the moment but they're all good so worth a watch.

not abnormally i'm conflicted on this. all being well tony martin should win. but then, whilst not being his biggest fan, wiggins looks strong and it'd be nice to see him come away with something. that said support in the swiss lounge house is firmly on fabian cancellara. watch the gcn thing on his bike. 56/44!! my knees would buckle - even allowing for the generous 11/25. amd i covet a set of those pedals....

also - matt stephens. good guy. but as t has pointed out many, many times (yes how our cycling viewing differs) less is almost always more in terms of product on barnet and skinny jeans on a man in his mid forties is never, ever a good look.

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