Friday, 27 September 2013

a matter of life and death

i'm into long after writing a poem that concerns powell and pressburger's stone classic a matter of life and death so it was great to see, along with radio 3 getting it together for their autumn season, to see that this includes a radio 3 essay series on the work of powell and pressburger. so far i've listened to the one about black narcissus and a matter of life and death and they are fabulous.

the other day at work i was having a blether with one of my colleagues who, it turns out, is into her films. i was astonished to find that she'd never seen anything with bette davis. it strikes me that it could well be possible that she's never seen anything by powell and pressburger. what a miss that would be.

should there be any doubt a listen to these radio 3 essays should sort out any motivation to get any of these films watched or to watch them again if it's been a while. it may be they seen a tad dated, a bit too much of their time and place, but even if that's a problem not to recognise the craft that's gone into them is to not be able to watch a film.

so, seeing as autumn's on its way do yourself a favour - maybe give these programmes a listen and then settle down to a box set of powell and pressburger. you won't go wrong.


Titus said...

Say it's not so! I love them. Black Narcissus is my absolute favourite, even above Red Shoes and L and D, Col Blimp is brilliant and I do, of course, seriously rate Peeping Tom (Powell only, I know).

Colour and madness. Genius.

swiss said...

i didn't know black narcissus had been filmed in a garden in sussex!

powell's biogrpahy sounds like a laugh - i must check it out at some point