Thursday, 26 September 2013

martyn ashton

so i'm sitting here generally dodging work and not really feeling like going out on the bike. the latter is worse than the former as it actually is sunfish and even before that i haven't entirely neglected doing any work.

i have detoured my afternoon into watching cycling videos tho. which brings me to martyn ashton. martyn had a bit of an off earlier in the month and is now looking at a bunch of rehab with a prognosis that appears to be getting described as 'life changing'.

so, here's some video of martyn in action before i get my lazy backside out on the bike (and no, i can't do any of these things, a lack which would've been better addressed when i had my accident the other month!) they are on here elsewhere but i can't find them and they're worth looking at again

anyway, all the best to martin where ever he is (you can find him on twitter). i am now, definitively, off out on the bike

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