Sunday, 20 February 2011

track cycling - manchester keirin

back in the day t knew very little about competitive cycling so you can imagine the joy that greeted my first sitting down for three weeks for the tour. fair credit to her tho, as she sat down with me and got me to explain just what it was i was looking at. over the ensuing years she (and her mum!) has turned into quite the afficionado, so much so that the previously closed world of track cycling is something she gets quite excited about (and, when it comes to the ticket prices for the olympics, enraged!)

we were thinking about going down to manchester for the world cup this weekend but my shifts didn't coincide so she's been down in london shouting at racists in the street, trying to get along to some demonstration about corvid culling and hanging out in the william morris gallery. probably just as well as, despite all the other racing, the events of the keirin (don't be looking if you're squeamish) were not pretty ( a close up here - now that has just got to smart!). for the full excitement minus the injuries watch this -

the word is that awang is okay but needing a bit of surgery. hopefully he'll be up and about and ready to race again for the next round


Titus said...

Have you started looking at the Olympics event listings yet? We're poring over them every night. Originally thought we'd just go down for the one week, but it's stretching... Velodrome high on the wish list.
Ah Chris Hoy, the real McCoy. I love that.

kate said...

certainly gonna need a giant pair of tweezers to get that one out!!

i too am absolutely shocked at the olympics prices and most of the tickets are only for a few hours any way. might go down though, there must places with an outside screen. failing that, sofa and beer at home.

swiss said...

the velodrome just looks amazing! ticket prices are a nightmare tho, far more than cane be justified, i think, as part of the 'experience of a lifetime'

i think, if they are going to have big outdoor screens and the like, we might fancy going down for that