Tuesday, 15 February 2011


i was reading a wee something todays about gill sans and the odd proclivities of eric gill today which got me to thinking about fonts in general, the need to watch helvetica again sometime soon and, via a bit of internet here and thereness to mark simonson's website which, aside from being a fine thing of itself, contains this gem of filmic font errors. lovely!

(*and the flickr link is worth a browse also)


Dominic Rivron said...

Not the ones you find in churches then. Why the same word? I wondered. A quick google suggests they have their origin in different, not the same, words.

swiss said...

in europe the word was fount and. some might say unfortunately, became americanized into font.

it could be it was derived from something like fund and originally meant the total set of a particular typeface in a sepcific size and style. which is a bit different from the modern meaning.

and lacking i think. like back in the days when you could still get those drawers for type in second hand shops