Wednesday, 2 February 2011


titanium from swiss on Vimeo.

so what does the new frame feel like? rather playful but, coupled with the fiddling of fixing my new camera to it, maybe i was a bit distratced when i went to destination x the other day. certainly i wasn;t expecting the back injury i got about fifteen minutes after this. i can road bike now tho so at least i'm on the mend (and it gave me time to experiment with the vimeo thing - apologies for the shoddiness but it's a first go!)


Roxana said...

actually i like this! and the idea is great, looking forward to more (though not more back injuries :-)
i hope you are fine now!

swiss said...

a weekend of kayaking proabably wasn;t the best thing to promote back healing but at leats i could do it!

i've got two mini cameras now so am hoping to get a bit better footage and some editing on board sometime soon (if the snow ever ever stops!)

kate said...

was that the sound of your knees creaking ;)

snow ride movies please!

swiss said...

i hate the snow! was supposed to be riding back from oban on monday after the kayaking but decided not to due to the wond. as well as there was about four inches of snow!

good news on the knee front. finally bit the get it seen to bullet and discovered it was mechanical rather than joint related. my itb is far too tight on that side - no surpise it being winter - but the hamstring tendons at the back of my knee are also woefully short. so it's pulling my kneecap to the side and that's what's producing the effusion. no pointy thing intervention! hurrah!

but lots of bending and puffing like some stecky old man! lol

Dominic Rivron said...

I didn't think it was shoddy (perhaps I'm rubbish at doing videos).

Hope the back's mended. The trouble with all this exercise is half the time one's knackered one way or another!

swiss said...

yep, that healing slower as you get older is a bugger! so sadly no, back is still dodgy or at least i think it is. can't give it a proper going over as it won;t stop raining!