Saturday, 17 July 2010

peter semolic

Les Casseurs

Doris Lessing writes that the beginning of the end
will start in the suburbs. Kids will no longer be enthusiastic
about motorbikes, and take to arms. Armed in groups they will
march to the city center, over barricades of barbed wire,
over the tank barriers, over policeman’s corpses,
through homes, stores, parks…
They will come armed to the teeth, with crazed drunken
eyes, with Walkmen that will outcry
the screams of victims. They will come hungry for the city center,
for flashing advertisements, lit shop-windows,
five-star finger-clean restaurants.
They will come, jobless, pushed
to damp crumbling suburbs,
returned to the concrete beehives of skyscrapers. They
will come to take what belongs to them,
and destroy that which they were deprived of.

trans Lili Potpara


Niamh B said...

have missed your great poetic choices, enjoying flicking through them now, this one is great, and scary

swiss said...

it was an interesting - and far more complicated - process than i thought it was going to be. i'm stopping at the group stage for certain!