Tuesday, 13 July 2010

a cup of tea

you know it's that time...!


Dominic Rivron said...

Is that tea? It looks more like some sort of pickled alien! :)

Roxana said...


chinese tea flowers :-) and what is that amazing white flower next to the kettle?

i am looooost - where is this? are you the host? t? :-)

swiss said...

to my shame i can't recall what the flower was but i'll ask t and post later. i'd been away on a massive big hot cycle and was ind esperate need of fluid and cake. t came and picked me up so i took her ot this lovely wee cafe in a place called dunkeld and it was here she had the flower tea. she tells me it was lovely.

Dominic Rivron said...

Great having people come to pick you up - k used to sometimes do that for me when I was running a lot last year. It makes the experience more interesting because -obviously- it doubles the distance you can cover.

swiss said...

mostly these days t'll pick me up if i'm on the way back and it's a bit of a road i've done to death. in this case i'd already done about 70 miles and just couldn't face an over familiar 20!

she does like to see where i've been tho, esp if it's a road she's not been on and there's a coffee shop in the offing. as opposed to when we're doing a straight route, when she'll sit back at the top of a nasty climb and 'express sympathy'!