Thursday, 15 July 2010

how to wake your partner

1. arrive home to smell that she has recently been eating popcorn

2. be affected by this lovely aroma and decide to make some yourself

3. put popcorn in microwave.

4.ignore the instruction to 'keep an eye' on the contents

5. ignore the popping sound of popcorn at the ready

6. the microwave explodes

7. the popcorn is on fire

8. your partner is wakened from restful sleep



Marion said...

really? it went on fire??

swiss said...

the popcorn, yes. and what's worse inedible as a result. house smells nice tho!

kate said...

haha! sweet dreams ;)

swiss said...

i did try to see if it was 'less burnt' this morning but sadly it was not

Roxana said...

"but sadly it was not" - hahaha, this just blows me away :-)