Sunday, 7 March 2010

bike update

there should be a bike update, even allowing for the coldness and the salty condition of the roads which, although they're being a bit recalcitrant to move, isn't the reason why there isn't one.

no, it's been a whole week off the bike for me. not because of weather inclemency or work but because of a nagging knee problem that appears to be coming to fruition. what can it be? a tendonitis that no-one so far can get into? or, as seems more likely pending x-ray, some sort of stress fracture to the bottom of my femur. whatever, it's very frustrating, especially given the lack of symptoms other than pain, and i guess about now it's starting to get to me.

it;s got to the point i'm even thinking about swimming! definitely some sort of prolonged stretching as without exercise my body's letting me know. t says its complicated by age. which, most likely is true, but not so very helpful! lol


Dominic Rivron said...

It's ******* annoying when your's body complains at the exercise that keeps you going!

Hm. Re swimming. One theory I have about my adductor strain (hopefully I'll soon be over it) is that I did it swimming. I mentioned this to a friend who also suffered a groin strain years ago and he said - yes, he thought he'd done it doing breatstroke (the unnatural leg action). It seems so innocuous, swimming. Looking back, I suspect the problem was that I was so fit (running 40 miles a week), that when I went swimming, I swam more than I should have without thinking about it. Totally conjectural and unscientific, I know. As a fan of Ben Goldacre I should know better!

This is probably a case of granmothers and egg-sucking, but can't having the seat at the wrong height do this kind of thing?

swiss said...

it's an obvious suggestion but a good one. even tho i'm merckz like obsessive about measuring heights and whatnot after the xrays/mris are done i'm off to look at a proper bikefit session just to be sure...

and in the meantime i've knackered the foot on the other leg. i'm walking like some kind of drunk!

kate said...

try running ;)

hope you're back pedaling soon and if not i guess swimming's not that bad.