Thursday, 3 September 2009


bum to it all
i'm going to die
i'm going to cut off my
head and fry it in garlic
fry fry fry
then you will all see that
i am not
alive anymore

"Garlic head Death", Sylvia Plath

so says the uncyclopedia on writers
very funny and worth checking out if only as an escape from all this relentless rain


Rachel Fox said...

Oh it's great! And I'd probably read more Plath if she had written like that. 'Bum to it all' indeed.

Off to eat more chocolate now.

Dominic Rivron said...

I wonder who did write it?

"Bum to it all". A wonderful title for an autobiography.

I've not explored uncyclopedia but you've got me setting off on a quick browse of it...

Chocolate. Not a bad idea.

Rachel Fox said...

I was just showing un- to Mark. We looked up 'computer' (very funny) and 'geek' (also q funny). Someone has spent a lot of time making that!

denise said...

I, like Dominic, am wondering the same.

Titus said...

This is a peach of a place.