Monday, 28 September 2009

they are reading

pandora by jilly cooper

the sort of book she says that makes her feel dirty just by reading it. but she tells me her flatmate has, for reasons she won't share, everything by danielle steel and ,being a compulsive reader, she couldn't leave the house without a book. and this was the result. she makes no excuses. she does reveal however that when she was young she had a speech impediment so her parents made her read out loud every day. so she shares some steel with us. it's not pretty.

it means mischief by kate thompson

what is it about? she can't say. it's the type of thing, she tells me, that's perfect for the night shift. without substance, un-memorable, totally non-taxing. she buys them from charity shops and returns them when she's finished.


sarah haliwell said...

I read compulsively but I don't think I would ever be desperate enough to read Jilly Cooper.

My mother reads Nora Roberts and I feel embarrassed getting them from the library for her, lest anyone think *I* read them.

swiss said...

the stuiff she read out for us was shocking! lol

i haven't come across this roberts person yet but, i suspect, time enough!

one of the good things tho about doing this is that people are, more or less, pretty enthusiastic about what they read. and it's catching!

i said in an earlier post i'd lost much of that enthusiasm thanks to education but i'm hoping this is going to help me get it back. people like what they like. they don't much care if it's academically suitable or not. it's just a story, something to get lost in.

Roxana said...

but at least they still read, no? we should be happy about this - i don't know, thinking of Emma Bovary this is not such a wise conclusion :-) but those times are gone and fiction doesn't have that huge impact on us any longer. we are now used to everything.